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Putnam: It's Harder to stay easy at the ECB

As growth waxes stronger in Europe, policymakers will intensify their debate over tightening versus accommodative policy. For now, the doves appear...

Welcome View: Stonehage Fleming

The Stonehage Fleming Group provides investment management and wealth advisory services in the UK and overseas, employing over 500 people in 11...

CAMRADATA announces top asset class searches for investors in April 2017

CAMRADATA, a leading provider of data and analysis for institutional investors has just released its latest monthly snapshot of the top investment...

TwentyFour: Duration Risk

The bond market can’t be between 35.8% and 120% more risky than it used to be?  Can it?

Amundi’s approach to water risk analysis

To better evaluate how portfolio companies might be impacted by worsening water security, we have developed a proprietary methodology to assess the...
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